Welcome to Ted Straub's Tranquil T'ai Chi & Qigong, based in Chester County, PA.

T'ai Chi Chuan (also called Taijiquan, or simply Taiji), is a profound system of movements, exercises, and paradoxically - stillness, resulting in a unique and holistic mind-body awareness. Grounded in martial arts, T'ai Chi is most often practiced in the west for its well documented health benefits. T'ai Chi and Qigong have been shown to have positive effects in many areas, including:

Balance and Fall Prevention
Blood Pressure
Immune System Response
Joint Health and Bone Density
Mood and Stress Reduction

Qigong practice, or "energy work", is an integral part of a complete t'ai chi curriculum. Studies suggest that regular qigong practice strengthens and "informs" t'ai chi form practice - significantly enhancing the benefits of both. Qigong practice alone is a powerful daily meditative practice that can be incorporated into even the most hectic schedule.

Scientific evidence continues to build showing T'ai Chi and Qigong's effectiveness (see Research page) in managing various chronic conditions. These practices are not, however, a "magic pill" swallowed whole. Benefits are typically derived progressively, over time, and with attentive, regular practice.

Tranquil T'ai Chi takes a nurturing, balanced approach and adapts training to each student's unique needs. Our goal is simple - we endeavor to help each student discover their own path to a lifetime practice of "play".

Begin your own journey, come play T'ai Chi with us!
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