Teachers, friends, and associates.

I have been extremely fortunate to fall into the company of so many talented and kind practitioners. Their open-mindedness and willingness to share their knowledge has set the standard and shaped my journey as a teacher. Further, they are stellar examples that we are all perpetual students....
with Master Gellhorn
With fellow competitors
with Master Yang
Master Yang Yang, Ph.D., is a highly respected Chen master, Doctor of Kinesiology, and creator of the Evidence-Based Taiji & Qigong curriculum. He continues to research and champion taiji & qiqong as complimentary alternative medicine in the western medical community. His website provides extensive information on the benefits of taiji & qigong, and Evidence-Based Taiji & Qigong in particular.
Center for Taiji Studies
Grand Master Jose Johnson is my teacher's teacher. A gifted, generous, and highly accomplished player, he inspires everyone around him. He teaches in the Harrisburg area and at seminars around the country.
Grand Master Jose Johnson's Chinese Martial Arts & Wellness Center
Great Grand Master Nick Gracenin is my teacher's teacher's teacher (whew)!  His accomplishments are simply too lengthy to repeat here. Please visit his website to check his bio and very busy teaching/touring schedule. By the way, he is still a student as well!
DC Tai Chi
Master Sara Gellhorn, Laoshi has been, and continues to be my friend and teacher since beginning my t'ai chi journey. Through her, my t'ai chi world has been continuously expanded and enriched, and I would not be at this point without her.
Thank you Sara!
She currently teaches at Malvern Martial Arts and Fitness Center, and at Grandmaster Johnson's school in Harrisburg, PA.
Her website is an excellent source of background information.
Master Sara Gellhorn's T'ai Chi Site
Tranquil T'ai Chi & Qigong 484-354-6345
Professional Member, American Tai Chi and Qigong Association
Professional Member Namasta
Certified Level III Tai Chi Instructor - Americam Tai Chi and Qigong Association
Authorized Evidence-Based Instructor-in-Training - Center for Taiji Studies
2010 U.S. Capital Classics/China Open
Silver - T'ai Chi Forms
Silver - T'ai Chi Weapons
2010 International Chinese Martial Arts Championship National Finals
Silver - Chen Form
My journey in Tai Chi began over a decade ago when I realized my job at the time was "killing" me. Not in the immediate, life-threatening sense, but in that slow creeping metamorphosis that comes with a high-stress, desk-bound job. I realized I needed to move, and shed stress. So I sought an activity I could perform anywhere without special equipment or even a change of clothes. Tai Chi became a revelation, both physically and spiritually. At once challenging, calming, energizing, and tranquil. Through it I continue to discover the beauty of stillness in movement, movement in stillness. Ultimately my desire to share the many benefits of this art led me to teach, and through teaching continue to grow. It is my goal to help other people discover the nurturing qualities, as well as the physical and mental challenges of Tai Chi for themselves.
NAMASTA Professional Member
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